About Me

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Welcome to The Humble Kitchen where friends gather & good food and health walk hand in hand. Around here, there’s always an open chair so go on- sit down, and let’s have a visit.

I’m just a small town girl (livin’ in a lonely world -as Journey would say) who loves the outdoors, animals, and a nice long bubble bath at the end of the day. I’ve been ‘sick’ for over two years now, with severe adult onset eczema.

It started as a very small, patch of dry, red skin between my middle and index finger on my right hand. I thought nothing of it at first, but over time it started to grow larger, redder, and itchier with vengence. For a while, I believed that I was reacting to the bleach solution we used for wiping down tables and counters at work. I became very careful about wearing gloves whenever I was cleaning or doing dishes, and hoped that this would all just go away.

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Needless to say, it didn’t. To my dismay, it spread like wildfire over one hand and onto the next. Then to my right calf, the tops of my thighs, and even onto my poor tummy. I was devastated. Over time, loved ones began to remark that my skin looked as if it was burned, and I became very self conscious. I’d slather on lotion several times a day, to no avail. I’d apologize about my hands being ‘disgusting’ whenever someone asked to see the ring my sweetheart gave to me. I’d wake up itching on and off throughout the night. Eventually it even became painful to wash my hands.

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Enough was enough, and I (finally) went to see a doctor, where I was prescribed steroid cream to treat my eczema. Religously I applied the cream, morning and night like clock work. My skin appeared better on the surface and the itching subsided. However, as the end of my prescription drew near, in those mere hours between applications I began to notice redness creeping up once again. Sure enough, as soon as my prescription ended my hands swelled up and itched worse than ever before.

Distraught, I learned steroid creams do nothing but mask the symptoms. I learned there is no medical cure…

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Pigheadedness in my genes, I refused to take that as an answer. I refused to suffer the rest of my life. From there I began to learn about the top triggers (gluten, dairy, soy, eggs etc), and found real people curing the incurable through diet and nutrition. So began The Humble Kitchen , and my journey to better health with the help of good food. Whether you join me on this journey too, or simply come for the stories and the food, I hope you enjoy your stay.

Health & Happiness