One slip up. One lapse of judgement. One terrible mistake set me back at least  two weeks of healing. It’s crushing, but I know that there isn’t anyone to blame but myself. For over a month I was a good girl… refusing dairy, choosing fruits over chocolate, and water over alcohol. My hands were on the mend and nearly back to normal.

Two days ago, I caved.

I’ve been having major cravings for chocolate for a good week and no matter how much I tried, whether it was eating delicately sweet pears to making Pinch of Yum’s chocolate banana ice cream….the craving was never satisfied. My sweet tooth was stubborn…I thought I was too.

Two days ago, everything came crashing down. The chocolate craving was more persistant than ever and I was fighting a losing battle. That night we had a bunch of friends over for games which included snacks, chips, and…chocolate. With my willpower long gone, I ate the delicous sweet goodness that’s been haunting my dreams. It was heavenly guys, I can’t even pretend like it wasn’t.

I ate probably close to 20 mini eggs (…is that a lot?) and with my sweet tooth finally quiet, the chocolate was once again pushed aside and forgotten.

Mere hours later, my hands exploded in a red, itchy fury.

This morning they are still itchy. Along with the itching came peeling skin and ¬†small fluid filled sacs just ready to ooze. Perhaps worst of all, around the inflammation my skin looks as if it is literally bubbling.¬†This is known as “ant’s nest” or pompholox eczema. Read more about it here from Dr. Trevor Erikson.

While this whole ordeal is a bit soul crushing, it seems as though it was a necessary evil. It’s re-opened my eyes. If I’m going to conquer eczema once and for all I’m gonna have to really buckle down. It’s time to start a food diary, an elimination diet….and throw out all the chocolate in the house!

If you ever stumble, just know I’ve been there too -and I’m right here to help you back up again.

Health & Happiness,