How To Make Gourmet Popcorn With Flavored Sea Salt

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Get ready to grab your favorite pajamas, a big cup of tea (or wine, I mean who’s kidding who here), and pop that popcorn because your latest Netflix binges have never been so sweet  (or should I say… salty?)

In just three simple steps, you can be well on your way to enjoying savory, buttery popcorn – with an added twist!

Hello Gourmet Popcorn, and Hello Riverdale Binges!

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Pop the popcorn.

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Pour on the butter, if it’s not buttery already!

(So I mean technically, you could get gourmet popcorn in two steps. Winning!)

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Sprinkle on your favorite gourmet sea salt and indulge in the rich, delightful flavors that will leave your taste buds spinning!

No, Seriously.

That’s all there is to it, and the flavor combinations are endless!

(…Okay… we actually have 26 different flavors, but that’s almost endless… right?)

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As with everything we do here at The Humble Kitchen, there are no hard and fast rules – especially when it comes to popcorn toppings!

However, if you’re in need of a little inspiration -you’ve come to the right place!

Here are just a couple of my favorites, but don’t let that sway you. Every single salt we have can be an absolute delight on popcorn, but it all depends on what flavors YOU like and what YOU want.

 So don’t be afraid to play with your food and indulge in flavors you would have never believed should belong on popcorn!

Tuscan Sun: For the perfect garlic-herb addition to popcorn, look no further.

Burnt Timber: For a smokey, ‘just cooked it over the campfire’ taste.

Backwoods Bacon: A popcorn must-have. Made with sea salt and real maple sugar, this unique blend brings a salty-sweet taste to your next movie night.

(Note: This is my newest creation -so new it’s not even up on the online store yet! Its coming online soon, so keep an eye open for it! This is a salt you’ll just have to try!)  

Delightfully Dill: For a gentle lemon-y dill twist the whole family will adore!

Tangy Sriracha, Bold Jalapeno, Heated Habanero, or Diablos Ghost: For those who aren’t afraid if their popcorn bites back!

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For hours and hours I gorged myself on gourmet popcorn and an unhealthy amount of Netflix to ‘test’ these delectable toppings (…or at least that’s what I told my family when they questioned me. I mean how  else  am I supposed to catch up on my soaps??).  Several episodes and an overly full tummy later, I was confident enough to say that any of these salts will make a perfect addition to movie night snacking.

There was just one last test.

To ensure that these are certainly the best of the best,  I invited a very special guest down to The Humble Kitchen for a late night taste test.

This furry little green monster is ‘Gurtie’, (a real deal popcorn monster) and she came by to help make gourmet popcorn for my family!

What do you think?

Will my gourmet sea salts pass this Popcorn Monsters test?


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There we have it!

I  sincerely hope you enjoy your new found gourmet popcorn, the goofy video, and our little green popcorn monster!

P.S. If you want to adopt your own Popcorn Monster, Cookie Monster, or Cuddle Monster then head on over to our friends at Give A Little Giggle. I promise you, these little monsters give more than just a little giggle – you’ll be rolling on the floor in no time!

Health & Happiness,




By Savannah

Hi! I'm Savannah. Welcome to The Humble Kitchen, where good food and health walk hand in hand. My cooking style involves a lot of listening to a single song on repeat, improvising ingredients, eyeballing measurements, and crossing my fingers that this thing actually turns out. Stay for the food, enjoy the stories, and join me on a journey to heal eczema through good food.